Why Should Parents Play with Their Children

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In discussions about keeping kids active, we may all have heard someone say, “Kids should go outside and play.” Good idea, but we know it won’t work. Richard Monette of Active for Life discussed several reasons. But there is another version of this feeling that particularly bothers me. In recent years, I have heard someone say, “Parents should not play with their children.” I have heard this phrase many times and it is always expressed in a derogatory tone as if playing with your children is one thing. A bad thing. Really? As far as I know, the authors of these comments seem to think that playing with children is spoiled. That’s silly. If we’re talking about month old babies, maybe yes, since they won’t be way active that much. Hence, parents can just buy items from Malaysia’s best online baby store for them. However, if we’re talking about 3 to 10-year-olds in particular, then you have good reason to happily play with them. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Playing helps parents to bond with children

Children build loving relationships through the time they spend interacting and playing with others. When parents play with their children, they have the opportunity to see things from their perspective, use pretends games to explore their environment, develop problem-solving skills, and have fun together. When children play with their parents, they learn to trust them, interact with others, and compete virtuously. When we spend time together, we all build relationships and bonds. What kind of parent-child relationship is most important?

  • Sometimes no one will

In short, you may live in a place where no one of your children can play. What do you want them to do? Play Frisbee by themself? Chasing a neighbour’s dog on the street? Accompanying you for grocery shopping? If you decide to take a ball and a pair of gloves to catch the ball, you will not spoil your child. You won’t inhibit their ability to make buddies by playing soccer, basketball, or single-player badminton. Despite the embarrassing environment, you need to make sure they get a positive start in their lives. And you can never be his only playmate.

  • Playing is fun

Playing is easy for kids, but sometimes along the way, we forget how to play according to the prescribed rules and why we liked it in the first place. When parents allow themselves to temporarily put their to-do lists down and focus on the fun of playing, they have time to enjoy their children, laugh with them, and show them their laid-back side.

  • Parents can be an active role model

When you play with your children, you can show that the game never goes out of style and show them that you value physical exercise. You can also simulate soft skills like sportsmanship and hard work. You can be sure of one thing: your child is watching you. They will imitate you. Would you rather they imitate Miley Cyrus? Kardashian family? The Wolf of Wall Street?

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