Vibrators for Beginners, Intermediates and Experts!

Sex toys come in many shapes and sizes, and not everything can be pleasurable for everyone. There is no one size fits all when it comes to sex toys. Thankfully there are so many options to choose from that can fit everyone’s preferences. But some can be too intense for beginners, and some barely satisfy. Here are a few recommended options for beginners, intermediates and experts. 

Firstly, a clitoris stimulating vibrator is the best option for beginners, especially for someone with little to no experience with sex or sex toys. The clitoris vibrator targets the stimulation at the clitoris and mimics oral sex; therefore, the shape is usually similar to a butterfly or a tongue. Other than that, the suction vibrator can also be suitable for beginners as it also targets the clitoris alone, just like the clitoris vibrator. If you are looking for penetration, a bullet vibrator is the best for a beginner. It is small and discrete; it’s perfect for you to carry around, no one would know! You can even use it on other erogenous zones for a little more fun.

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Moving forward to the intermediates, the classic penetrative vibrator can also be suitable for beginners to prepare penetration and internal stimulation compared to external stimulus. The phallic shape comes in various sizes, lengths and widths. Some are even more realistic than others. You can always experiment with them to find what fits you best. The wider and longer ones might take some time for you to get used to, it is always best to start small, and hem move your way up. Another option is a wand vibrator, the microphone shaped vibrator can be used for external and internal stimulation, but it is much bigger and more intense. Many wand vibrators also come with various intensities of vibrations. It could also double as a neck massager as that is how it originated! 

vibrator online Malaysia

Finally, for the experts who are pretty much professionals with sex toys and looking for something more stimulating and intense, you could try the rabbit vibrator! A rabbit vibrator can penetrate and stimulate externally at the clitoris at the same time. The clitoris stimulator resembles rabbit ears. Need something even more stimulating? I got you covered! You could try a g-spot targeting vibrator. It targets the female’s g-spot, which is hard to reach the erogenous zone, and it takes courage. This vibrator is slightly curved upwards to reach the g-spot, a few inches into the vagina at the top. This sex toy is guaranteed to make you reach your climax!

Beginner or expert, it is important to take some time alone to pleasure yourself or with a partner to release some tension. Sex toys are also great to spice up sex with your partner if both of you are looking for something new and adventurous. Shop for vibrators online in Malaysia as they have many other types and options for you to choose from. Have fun shopping and exploring yourself.

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