Top 3 Best Courses to Study

In Malaysia’s current economic situation, the recent pandemic has been ruining the country’s economy as a whole. Every day, the new CMCO has made Malaysia lose millions of ringgit. Even so, corporations have to stay functional in order to help and revive the dying economy of Malaysia. The workforce is still searching for interns and young entrants to come to work with them. In this post, we will mention the top 3 best courses to study in Malaysia to work in Malaysia’s most requested job industry. As they are the most requested forms of specializations in Malaysia, these positions pay the most money and we can never get enough experts in these regions.

You will guarantee yourself a stable salary and a career that will stay with you for most of your life by training in these three regions. Jobs are considered to be very stable in these sectors, so you would not have to think about losing your work because of an uncertain market or job position. We are going to start listing the top three places to research here in Malaysia.

  1. Architecture

While the construction industry is ultimately dependent on external economic and political conditions, there is no doubt that everyone profits when things are going well. And if you have the skills needed, then architecture is such a highly lucrative and rewarding career in the industry. If you wish to be an architect, there are no two ways to do it; you will need a degree in architecture.

With the educational process running upwards of seven years, with no guarantee of a career at the end of that, it’s also a major investment. However, if you have the right motivation and determination, a solid portfolio and a decent network of connections, then there is no excuse why you can’t start earning some significant amounts of cash while working in an arkitek firm di KL.

2. Medicine

There are many motivations for being a doctor; as your profession grows, it is a well-respected and very lucrative work, with a very big paycheque and the ability to follow your own professional interests. On the flip side, it is a notoriously competitive path to get into medical school, with the course itself demanding sacrifice, dedication and a whole lot of preparation.

However, with physicians all but assured a lucrative job at the conclusion of their study, the ends definitely justify the means. Johns Hopkins, Oxford and the College of Karolinska are also among the world’s finest medical colleges. Dentistry is almost as competitive as medicine, while veterinary science may be another choice if you’d like to deal with animals for a living. There are also solid professions in physiotherapy and pharmacy.

3. Accounting

If you wish to become an accountant, you do not actually have to learn accounting; there are alternate approaches in the profession, such as a higher apprenticeship. But as a student, you will have even more time and space to improve your accounting skills, whilst there is also the ability to build a network of connections, extremely useful when it comes to applying for jobs.

A good success in your studies will also allow you to apply to one of the world’s leading accounting firms, such as PwC or Deloitte, for internships. If you can find a permanent job, you can still be placed through the remaining chartered tests by each of these firms, helping you to crack on and finally begin making the big bucks. For another article similar to this one, click here.