Tips For Buying Groceries On A Tight Budget

We have all been there. The tight days at the end of the month. Our intern salary is almost over, the allowance is used up and the side hustle is not taking off like you are imagining it. Or you are saving up for your next big purchase, whether it is for your new phone or for your new home, we understand what it is like to live on a budget.

When on a budget, our biggest concern is paying off the basic living expense. Unfortunately, these take a big bulk off our salary. The rent, the food, and the bills. The three main tracks that should be covered. There are some ways we can minimize how much money we spend on each of these. Especially in terms of food and groceries. We tend to splurge a little on food if we are not organized. We are tempted by the luxury of the expensive beef. Sometimes we get a little bit too lazy and opt to buy grocery online Malaysia. (Which is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning!) 

But let’s take a look at some of the ways we can save up on money when we are grocery shopping. Grocery does not have to be an expensive thing, especially if done with these tips in mind! 

Eat Before Your Grocery Run

Probably heard of, spoken of, and even practiced, but let us remind you again! Remember to have a healthy, hearty meal before your grocery run. We tend to get tempted to splurge and explore the grocery options when we are hungry. We might accidentally buy a little too many snacks, overspend on groceries that will rot in our refrigerator, and buy unlimited junk food. Eat first, shop later. This way you are not tempted to replace your pantry goods with Doritos. 

Opt For Fresh Vegetables And Fruits From The Markets 

Buying vegetables and fruits in Malaysia is extremely cheap. Even buying it online is cheap. Unlike the rest of the world, Malaysia boasts diverse produce of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are available at an affordable price tag at every corner of the country. But for those on a budget, there is no better place to get your fruits and vegetable than at a wet market. The produce is fresh, the ambiance is friendly, and the food we make with it is absolutely delicious.

Plan Your Meals Beforehand 

Planning is perhaps the best thing we can do for our budget. When we plan, we are aware of how much we will need, how much we should buy, and what counts as an exceeding amount. When we tend to ignore the planning and jump straight to an unraveling shopping list, we buy a lot that we absolutely do not need. The perfect solution to avoiding any grocery wastage and buying on a budget is simply to plan your meals ahead. A weekly plan is even better than a daily plan. You can stock your pantry and fridge for a week and simply reach out for these whenever you need to cook something for yourself. 

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