The Society Stereotype That Women Are Bad Drivers.

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There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding women, such as they are not reliable enough to hold higher positions in a corporate industry or women don’t need equal pay because they have their husband’s support. Its existence is hard to deny when people talk about astronauts, engineers and  mechanics, the image that appears in their heads is of men. Especially for the youngsters since they have not had the chance to grow out of that mindset in their age. 

One typical stereotype we have often heard is that women are bad drivers. We can see people saying that it’s better for them if men drive or putting the blame of car crashes on women although both sides were at fault. 

Let’s see why this stereotype exists and what we can do to stop them.

Women Are Known To Be Emotional

Most people will agree that women are much more emotional than men. This is probably because women have the nature of a mother, where they express themselves more than other people. They will laugh when they are happy and they cry when they feel sad. Some women also tend to get easily emotional over something small because they see that as important despite the others thinking the opposite. Thus, society labels them as bad drivers since their driving depends on their moods. They were said to drive recklessly when they are mad, sad or worried. Let’s say their child is sick in the hospital, they will drive without following the rules of the road safety because of their concern for their child. However, it is not fair to say this only happens to women. It might be true that men are able to control their emotions better than women, but it does not apply to every man. Some men are also hot-tempered and impatient as they drive recklessly. Some of them even drive without a care in the world just for fun.

Women Are Not Compatible With The Speed Limit

It is important for drivers to follow the assigned speed limit for the road they are driving on because speeding is one of the main reasons for car accidents. Women are said to love speeding on the road as they want to save time and are not patient while driving. On Twitter, husbands often opened up about taking turns to drive with their wife on a long journey. They always stated how nervous they were of their wife’s driving since they took a nap for about half an hour and suddenly they woke up to see their wife had driven them so far than their expectation. They complained about their wife speeding on the road and became worried about the situation. Nevertheless, it is not fair to lump all the women as bad drivers just because some of them did so. Some women do not like speeding because they could be timid when they drive. So the stereotype should stop because it’s not fair to those who have been driving carefully.

Last Words

Society should be aware that the stereotype where women are all bad drivers should be stopped as it is simply not true. Moreover, such stereotypes only affected a woman’s confidence in her driving skills. They will be afraid to drive as they don’t want to be blamed when an accident occurs although it’s not their fault. Or they might think that the type of car they drive is important since people will not blame them that much if they have a good car. It’s wrong and ridiculous, but do check out this website to see “harga proton iriz baru” if you are interested in buying a nice local car. Whatever car you drive does not reflect your driving skills, but it is important for you to buy your dream car and be able to drive comfortably on the road without people judging you.

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