The Reasons For Slow and Lag Network Speed

In today’s Internet age, slow speeds and network lag are a common topic of discussion. There are many reasons for a slow Internet connection, but the main reasons can be divided into two categories. One is hardware, and the other is software.

When we find that the network speed is very slow, we should first detect whether there is a problem with the computer or the network equipment connected to the computer, and then detect whether there is a problem with the software of the computer, and check it in order.

Start by checking all devices connected to your Internet, including network equipment hardware. A broadcast storm caused by a hardware fault of a network device slows down the network speed. A bottleneck at a port on the network can also slow down the network. Check the ports on devices such as network cables, routers, and switches. We also need to check the configuration of the computer.

As for software problems, there are many possibilities.

First, access to the Internet interface error. Simply rerun the Internet connection wizard, select LAN mode, and disable the automatic search for proxy servers.

Second, there are too many protocols bound to network cards. Low Internet access is common among LAN users because network adapters are bound to too many protocols. If the network card is bound to many protocols, when the data passes through the network card, the computer has to spend a lot of time to determine which protocol to use for the data transmission, then the user will feel slow to access the Internet.

Third, the system does not support multitasking. If the user’s computer meets the minimum configuration, the system cannot support multiple tasks such as browsing the web, downloading software, and listening to music at the same time. Multitasking can make your Internet connection slow. Therefore, it is better not to exceed two tasks at the same time.

Fourth, the heat dissipation of ADSL equipment is poor. When ADSL equipment works, the heat is relatively large, so we should pay attention to heat dissipation at ordinary times. Many users put ADSL equipment, routers, hubs and so on in a cabinet, and all kinds of equipment work together to dissipate heat, which has an impact on the normal work of ADSL.

Fifth, the software has not been reset. After users install ADSL broadband, Internet access conditions have changed, the corresponding tool software has not been reset, is also one of the reasons for the slow speed.

Sixth, the poor quality of the telephone lines. ADSL technology requires a high quality telephone line. If the telephone line between the telephone office and the user is disturbed by external factors for a certain period of time, RADSL will dynamically adjust the user’s access speed according to the quality of the line and the distance of transmission.

When you encounter slow network speed, you can follow the above method of detection, first from the hardware and then check whether the software problem. Then, your problems will be solved. For more information, check out here: