The Concept of Muamalah in Islamic Arbitration

Arbitration is a branch of the popular legal matters in which most people wouldn’t encounter but those who did, they will need the experts to win the case for them. Islamic Arbitration is one of the needed arbitration too. Literally, there are many arbitration companies in the whole wide world. 

The Focus on Muamalah 

One of the important parts in Islamic Arbitration is the focus on muamalah. This is the basic in almost anything in Islam as they are the pillars of the things. But, before we go on any further, what is muamalah? 

Muamalah According to Tasawwur Understanding 

The definition: Muamalah is one of the laws of jurisprudence that deals with the conduct of human relations in meeting their needs in relation to property, such as the law of sale and purchase, rent, and other trade. 

Muamalah’s focus in resolving sharia economic issues comes from two directions: technical arguments arising from parties with vested interests, or ideological conflicts arising from a misunderstanding of the sharia economic system’s fundamentals (Murtadho, 2013). Even for those who do not believe in Islam, the model of sharia financial legislation is not a stand-alone in the regulation of companies, especially when planning for commercial success, but the Muslim religion highlights the need of developing good intentions before pursuing a cause of action. 

The Purpose of Muamalah

The purpose of muamalah is the creation of a harmonious relationship between fellow human beings, so that a harmonious and peaceful society is created. As for this relationship in the form of a bond of association, helping each other in goodness in an effort to carry out their obedience to Allah SWT.

The thing to note is that God commands His servants to help each other in good deeds and forbids to support each other in doing evil, vanity, and tyranny. Therefore, every human being is encouraged to always maintain good relations with other human beings.

How Will a Disputes End With Islamic Arbitration: 

The goal of sharia economic disputes is to reconcile the dynamics of current financial transactions, which necessitate conflict resolution that is both flawless and effective in order to promote peace among the parties concerned. Muamalah helps enterprises to grow profitability, increase property acquisition, and resolve disputes that would emerge during enactment due to the broad scope of Islamic arbitration implementation (Munib, 2018).

Does Islamic Arbitration Follow The Muamalah Aspect? 

Launching from repository of this site, the notion of muamalah in Islam is an activity that regulates matters relating to the way of life of fellow human beings to meet the needs of daily life. Meanwhile, the activities included in muamalah include buying and selling, leasing, accounts payable, and so on.

Islamic Laws: Muamalah Abides By Them 

Understanding muamalah according to the term Islamic law is an activity that regulates matters relating to the activities of fellow human beings. As for muamalah, etymologically it has the same meaning as al-mufa’ala, namely mutual action, which means the relationship of interests between one person and another.

In Conclusion

Make sure that the Islamic Arbitration follows the rule of Islam. Muamalah being one of them. Sharia law must be followed.