Perfect Gaming Options Online with tm unifi package

tm unifi package

For users who are fond of online gaming, the ping is extremely important. The higher it is, the more the player has a feeling of latency during his games. While the downside is clear in terms of playing comfort, it may even have an impact on the quality of the game and performance. For video game enthusiasts, it is therefore preferable to opt for fiber optic internet boxes, the latter having a higher quality ping than ADSL internet boxes. You should know that beyond the name, there are many differences between high speed and very high speed offers. Opt for the tm unifi package in this case.

tm unifi package

What are the differences between ADSL and optical fiber?

Globally, two main types of technologies that make it possible to propagate the Internet signal. The first goes through the copper network. This is ADSL. VDSL works with the same infrastructures as ADSL, but offers much higher speeds. Optical fiber exists in different versions, depending on the nature of the cables making the connection over the last few meters. How do these technologies work and what theoretical speeds?

The different technologies offered by the operators with their respective internet boxes make it possible to obtain different speed qualities.

ADSL and VDSL: broadband Internet via the copper network

ADSL stands for Assymetric Digital Suscriber Line. This is a technology that routes data from the Internet through copper cables in the telephone network. Often, Internet service providers offer alternative technologies to benefit from a more efficient speed.

tm unifi package

What are the solutions to take advantage of a more efficient flow with the copper network?

  • ADSL2 +, a slightly improved version of ADSL, offers better speeds if the household is located less than 3 km from the telephone exchange.
  • VDSL is more efficient if the home is located less than one kilometer from the subscriber connection node.
  • VDSL 2 is itself an improvement of VDSL and allows higher bit rates, under the same conditions as VDSL.

ADSL internet boxes and VDSL use the same infrastructures, namely telephone networks which are made up of copper cables. As a result, the quality of the Internet connection therefore greatly depends on the quality of these cables . The length of these also has an impact on weight. The longer is the cable, the greater is the loss of flow.