Penis extender: does it really work?

If you are wondering how to enlarge your penis, you may have heard of the penis extender. But before ordering, you probably have some questions. Although this penile lengthening device has been on the sex toy shop Malaysia market for a long time, its use remains quite taboo. In this article, here are some tips for choosing the best-suited penis extender for you.

What is a penis extender?

It’s all in the name: a penis extender would help lengthen the size of the male sex. It is therefore intended for men who wish to gain a few more centimetres, without having to resort to surgery via a penoplasty. The use of a penis extender can also be done in the case of a curved penis.

It is indeed a natural solution that aims to enlarge the size of the penis. Although some precautions should be taken, its use does not require any prescription or medical consultation.

The size, shape and mechanism of this small device can vary from brand to brand. But generally speaking, a penis extender consists of two rings: one for the base of the penis and the other for the glans. It is indeed a question of gently pulling on your penis in order to cause it to lengthen. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that participants’ average resting penis length increased by over 1.5cm after three months of using a penis extender

How does a penis extender work?

The mechanism of a penis extender is simple. It is a question of exerting small continuous traction on the level of your penis. This will cause micro-tears which, by healing, could cause the enlargement of the penis. This is a bit of a lengthy process and to get the desired results you will need to wear the penis extender as much as possible.

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