Life without high-speed internet

If you are a generation that has never lived without the internet, have you ever imagined a life where there is no internet, where everything is done manually and physically? That was life before the 1960s when the internet was not yet invented. It was a life that is very different from now. People now take the internet for granted because we are used to them but if we were born not knowing what the internet is and suddenly, we are introduced to it, you would see the huge convenience and comfort the internet has brought us. Now with better technologies, we are even able to create broadband which is a high-speed internet connection for society. To see how the current world would adapt without the internet, this article would talk about the ways life could be different now without the invention of broadband.

1 – Watching entertainment 

We are very familiar with online entertainment platforms like Netflix, Youtube and many more. These platforms require an internet connection for us to enjoy it. Without the internet, we would not be able to watch videos that we like and there wouldn’t be people like influencers or YouTubers. Netflix, a streaming service, needs a minimum internet speed of 0.5 Mbps and that is double the speed of the fastest late-90s DSL connections. Thus, we would never get to enjoy any other network TV like Hulu or HBO and we will still be tied to cable companies. 

2 – Navigation

Many people rely on the navigation to bring them around. Back in the days, people used to rely on the signboards or asking people for directions but now we only need our phone and internet connection because with only those two, we can use navigational apps to show us the way. Google Maps and Waze are the top examples of navigation apps that the majority uses. Not only that, using the location on the phone, we can even use other apps like Uber or Grab as a way to get to our destination. You can also track other people’s phone if they went missing and follow the map to guide you to the missing phone. These are all possible because of high-speed internet and without it, life would definitely be harder and matters would be much more complicated. 

3 – Learning

The internet allows us to do online learning where we can access the internet to learn about necessary topics remotely, without having to go to school or any institutions. Now is even needed due to the pandemic. Schools are closed and people are not allowed to go outside but at the same time, education cannot be postponed so alternatively, teachers turn to online teaching in order for the students to still get an education without having to risk their health by going to school. This would not be possible without the development of high-speed internet. People would have to skip their education until further notice when the pandemic has resolved. Afterwards, they would need to catch up with everything they miss because as they get older, their education level is not equal to their age. With high-speed internet, education can still be received, just online. 

There are so many other ways our lives would be different without the high-speed internet. Although we are used to the internet, we have to appreciate the convenience it has brought upon us because without it our lives would be very different. Gratitude should be expressed more often for some great internet service providers in the country like Time 500mbps because without them we would not be able to experience the splendour the internet brings.