Issues We Need To Start Normalizing Rather Than Shying Away From

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Multiple aspects of our lives today are largely affected by the society’s preconceived notion, especially those that are passed down by the older generations as though they are unwritten rules established to dictate the ways individuals lead their lives. One major example is racism and to be very honest, it has no purpose of being established and passed down in the first place; just because we are born in different races and skin tones, that does not make any one of us superior to our counterparts. Racism issues as such are taught within the household, and later on brought forward to public spaces hence the negative cycle. This article aims to put together some common subject matters the public tend to shy away from exclusively due to the ignorance of the society. 

Body Sizes

While it is always advisable even by health experts to keep our body count as low as possible, we should be compassionate with other people’s feelings notwithstanding their weight. Rather than commenting and criticizing what they could have done previously or consider doing now to put off some weight, treat them like a normal human being and disregard that very struggle of theirs. To us, it may only seem as a minimal issue, but to them, it may actually be something that they have been struggling with for years. Rather than approaching them regarding a matter that they have long been aware of, try your best to overlook it and move on. 

Apart from that, people who are slightly bigger in size are always advised on what they should and should not wear, and that is one thing I can never seem to decipher. To put this into perspective many plus size models who are ambassadors to a lingerie line are criticised for their sizes and told that they could be better off covering up their skin. How is there a dressing standard for individuals based on their body sizes? In point of fact, we are all entitled to express our fashion senses in ways of our liking without abiding by any benchmarks. 


An element as fundamental as sex have also been largely set aside by the public, and even placed under the list of taboo topics by certain conservative cultures. While sex is a highly personal subject matter that should be remained between two involved parties, the society must start to acknowledge that it is actually normal by nature. All of us have sexual desires from time to time, and it is perfectly normal to satisfy it provided parties involved have expressed their consent. Singles on the other hand, are too, entitled to have their desires satisfied, perhaps with the help of a sex toy. Never shy away from sex toys because they may be just the thing you need. As bizarre as it may sound, you might not see the point of looking for a partner after purchasing yourself a quality vibrator. You may look into the best sex shops near me in malaysia for more information.