Is investing in a condo near klcc a good idea?

Have you decided to buy a house? Don’t be rash! Act thoughtfully by following our checklist! A condo near klcc is not bought every day; make sure you don’t regret it the next day!

Pay close attention when inspecting what your future home may be

In the future, you may regret not asking the seller for pre-purchase repairs. Don’t just follow the person who is showing you the house, but ask to be able to walk around the rooms on your own, don’t hesitate to ask questions and take notes, and remember to pay attention to details. You may notice, for example, that the boiler in the basement is so old that it is unusable and this would give you the right to ask the owner for a discount, who should take this additional expense into account.

Ask for the opinion of a third party

When you are in love (and you can even fall in love with a house) it is easy to overlook defects that can become unsustainable over time. To eliminate the effect of these lightning bolt blinders, it is good to consult with friends and relatives before concluding the purchase: they will be more objective.

Ask for the opinion of a qualified third party:

Carry out an inspection together with a qualified technician to assess the condition of the systems, assess the compliance of the cadastral maps together with a surveyor and so on.

Get a good idea of ​​what you can and can’t change. Each house has its own problems: some can be postponed, others not, but they are easily correctable, while others are permanent. The area, for example: get to know the neighborhood better (is it safe? Is it well supplied by public transport? Are there schools, supermarkets and shops nearby?) And visit it at different times.

Make sure you have all the necessary documents for a safe purchase. Make sure that the property is in order and that there is no pending mortgage.

Talk to the neighbors to find out about any problems with the condo

Do not neglect the hypothesis of buying a cheaper klcc apartment for rent and then renovating it. Evaluate and weigh the costs and benefits of each option.

Trust a professional. A qualified real estate agent knows the market and will find a solution that suits your needs.

We remind you that in the budget estimate the taxes and fees required by law must also be included, as well as the charges for a possible appraisal and disbursement of the loan. In addition, the costs of the notary, any renovation work (if you are not buying a newly built house), and any expenses for the adaptation of the furnishings and / or a new furniture for the dwelling must be added. And don’t forget to add a small percentage to cover unexpected expenses (condominium works, sudden repairs, etc.)  And remember, never visit pandan indah kl outside your budget!

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