Information Technology: all the job descriptions

If you have no idea what IT means, or are already a student or IT professional, but never stopped to think about what Information Technology really is; this article is for you. Also, find out what the professional does, which college to choose and how to start studying.

First of all, you may have noticed that the acronym IT refers to Information Technology. But let’s go to the definition.

What is it (information technology)?

The Information Technology or IT, is the set of activities and solutions involving hardware, software, database and networks that act to facilitate access, analysis and information management. Simply put, IT was created to help humans deal with information.

The number of information available is increasing. Imagine, a library capable of holding all the books ever written in the world. It seems physically impossible, doesn’t it? But the technology makes it possible to store millions of books in digital format on a single computer.

Want another example?

How many people would be needed to calculate the income tax for all Brazilian citizens? You can be sure that the number of civil servants would increase exponentially. But none of this is necessary. Thanks to an integrated software system that analyzes all the reports sent and still finds out if someone is scamming the lion. But all of this technology wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for IT professionals.

What does the IT professional do?

The Information Technology area has several operating segments. I will list some of the areas in no particular order as an example:

  • Schedule
  • Information security
  • Networks
  • Systems Analysis
  • Infrastructure and Hardware

Technical support

Each professional has a role for IT companies to operate, for new technologies to be developed and yet everything that has already been done will continue to work.

The positions they are among the best paid in the market, and there are more vacancies than qualified professionals to fill them.

How to start Studying IT?

There is a lot of material available on the internet for those who want to learn Information Technology, but not everything is of good quality and finding a study guide can be a very complicated task. Thinking about it, top college for bachelor in information technology created a project. This project is an initiative to connect people who want to learn Information Technology with those who are able to teach. Through the Studying IT website you can start studying for free and without leaving your home. For more articles such as this one, click here.