In Response To Covid 19 Pandemic – Are You Team Office Or Team WFH?

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In light of such an unprecedented period where the entire globe was struck with this deadly Covid-19 pandemic, many of our regular endeavors (work, school, errands) have since been obstructed to prevent the infectious virus from spreading amid human contact. None of us would have anticipated to be working from home for such a prolonged period; some of us saw benefits doing it and some of us have had enough sitting in front of the computer all day long. While it does play a significant role in reducing cases provided everyone abides by the newly enforced rules and regulations, the struggles workforce have befallen amidst their period working from home merits to be shed light on. 

Reduced Human Interaction 

There exists a significant number of virtual meeting platforms enabling the interaction of users when accomplishing necessary commitments alongside existing geographical barriers. Some mainstream platforms commonly utilised ever since the initial stage of outbreak are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Discord and so on. Nonetheless, concerns revolving around the demands of more natural human interaction were raised. Virtual meetings as its terminology suggests, are supposedly short and precise according to pre-listed agenda; and once resolution is achieved, the meeting ends and everyone returns to grinding respectively. How mundane?

Poor Internet Coverage 

Those residing in comparatively rural regions may be struggling with unstable internet connection amidst working hours unlike Unifi fibre coverage that is sturdy enough to keep people connected at all times. Hence the amount of frustrating moments we have to experience when working on something that is supposedly easier if done in brick-and-mortar workplaces.

Unconducive Working Environment

Notwithstanding our flexibility and ability to adapt to distinct environments, we all require a work space that is peaceful enough to give us the motivation we demand which in return , can significantly ameliorate our morale and productivity. A prominent circumstance to visualise is when working parents who are obliged to work from home whilst surrounded by their children, forcing them to shift their attention back and forth as neither their children’s needs or their work could be neglected. 

Undesirable Work-Life Balance 

It is undeniable that our work-life balance has since become far from reach the day we were instructed to work from home. We are pressured by circumstances to handle our regular live errands while getting our work done in-front of our devices. Considering the difficulty in interacting amongst colleagues with little to no opportunity of doing it face-to-face, many have resorted to conversing over platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Emails and so on. To an extreme extent if not most of the time, immediate response is demanded to ensure everyone, despite working in different locations, is on a similar track. Many have subscribed to unifi broadband package to prevent themselves from being left out amidst important exchange of information. 

No fortune tellers are capable enough to predict the very end of this pandemic, in the meantime, stay strong and stay safe. If you ever feel alone, bear in mind that we are in this together.

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