Houseplants Care Guide

Bukit Subang

Houseplants are getting more popular lately and more people are becoming interested in having a house plant inside their home. This is because houseplant doesn’t require much space and it is also easier to be taken care of. People that have limited backyard space like they are living in an apartment or condo can also have a plant in their home. 

Bukit Subang

Plants like succulents, bamboo palm, and money trees are becoming really popular in the houseplants area, and there are many types of plants that can be used. Here are some houseplants care guides that you can follow to make sure your houseplant’s baby is in good condition. Even if you are living at Bukit Subang, you can still have a houseplant in your home. 

Choose The Right Light 

Your plants are staying indoors most of the time and they rarely get exposed to the sun. You can trade that sunlight by using a light from a lamp but you need to choose the correct light for different plants. Because different plants require different lights and they don’t need to get under the light 24/7. If you can try to get early morning sunlight for your plant, it doesn’t have to be such long hours just a couple of minutes can do good to your plants.

Listen To Your Plants 

Yes, your plant cannot talk but they can tell you what they need and what they do not need based on how their leaves are looking. Pay attention to the condition of your plants if they need water the leaves will wither and if they are getting too much light their leaves will turn into a foliage dull green or a yellowish color. That is why you need to take an extra look at how your plants are looking because this is the way they communicate with you. 

Hydrates Your Plants 

Just because it is an indoor plant doesn’t mean they don’t need water. Every plant needs to be watered and before watering them you need to know how often should you be watering them. Too often watering your plant is not good because it can cause root disease and not watering your plants can make the soil dry and the leaves become dry. To see whether your plants need to be watered or not check the soil by putting your fingers in it, if the soil feels dry then you should probably water it but if the soil is damp you may don’t need to water the plants for a couple of days. 

Increase Humidity 

Most houseplants can get dry because of the humidity in the house. So, to keep your plants moisturize is by place them far away from your heater vents or your windows. Try to place them somewhere that has a high level of moisture like your bathroom. 

Feed Your Plants

Before this you need to water your plants now, you need to feed them with fertilizer to make sure that the soil is in a good condition and to avoid any insects in your soil that can cause death to your plants. Some of the insects that like indoor plants are Aphids and Scale. These insects are not good for your plant conditions. 

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