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Batu Caves

In today’s fast paced, economically challenging times, the housing market is not the most stable industry. In fact, millennials have been famously dragged and blamed for the rapid decline of the industry. The society at large believes that millennials are killing the housing industry on purpose because it is a matter of principle, but that is not the case. The truth of the matter is that owning a private home is becoming more and more difficult as the cost of living goes up and salaries remain stagnant. In such harsh conditions, millennials have decided to rent apartments and houses instead of buying them. However, this is not an ideal solution as rental properties are subject to a completely different set of rules. 

The rental industry heavily relies on landlords and landladies and is complacent to their whims and wishes. In the absence of a universally acknowledged regulatory body, the property owners get to decide the rules and regulations of the tenancy. This means that there is a very obvious imbalance when it comes to fairness in the industry. 

Another determinant that needs to be considered is lack of updated channels for gathering information. While there are websites that list available units for rent in the areas specified by the consumers, the information is, more often than not, boilerplate things that do not give a clear picture of the neighbourhood, the amenities, and the advantages and disadvantages of a specific area. Once the relevant information is somehow acquired, new concerns regarding rental payment, house inspection, and loan application rear their proverbial heads. 

Due to people’s inability to compare and contrast the options available, many people end up signing binding leases that are incredibly difficult and expensive to get out of. 

Batu Caves

Edgeprop, a Malaysian real estate website, has taken it upon themselves to address any and all concerns of prospective home-owners and renters. The website is a one stop destination for all things related to real estate and property. It provides users logistical support as well as the latest news, trends, and insights from the world of housing. 

Edgeprop specializes in multiple areas of Malaysia. The Batu Caves are one such area. They are located in Gombak, Selangor. The caves are one of most religiously significant sites for Hindus. It is the focal point of the Tamil festival of Thaipusam. The caves were originally named Kappal Tanggang from the legend of Si Tanggang. The town near the caves is also called Batu Caves. The limestone facade also doubles as a rock climbing expedition location. It has over 160 routes. 

From apartment condominiums to bungalows, the real estate website of Edgeprop has various options available in Batu Caves. The varying options, to rent and for sale, provide a large number of options. It also provides the user with the ability to choose whether they would like to live in a completely furnished, a partly furnished, or an unfurnished unit. The availability of multiple options almost guarantees the patrons of the site finding  ideal houses to turn into their dream homes.