Easy Sex-Ed In 4 Minutes

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I am not a doctor. I never will be, but it is my duty to help all the girls out in the world who are ready to explore their bodies, whether by themselves or with other people, and to do so safely. As a woman young or old, your body takes on changes once it experiences growth. Whether you feel more confident, more self-aware, the changes during this journey are important and should be handled with care. The right guidance can help you sort through the turmoil of emotions. However, for now, we’ll be looking into easy-to-remember tips for when you decide to engage in sexual activity to keep yourself and your partner as healthy and as safe as possible.

The truth is that women are still being judged for their sexual autonomy, therefore finding the right material can be difficult. This guide is not the end-all and it merely acts as a simple guide. Everybody is different and thus comes with different requirements. Wherever you are in your life journey, enjoy yourself and your company. There is no rush to have sex and there is no need to feel pressured.

Sexual Health

Sexual health is important whether you are active or not. Continuously going for checkups ensures that everything is in order. Visit your doctor regularly, even if you aren’t having sex so that when you are ready, your body will be ready too. Remember there is no pressure to have sex or not to have it. Your safety is the priority and you feel good about yourself.


Consent is the most important aspect of intimacy. This is not only important to you as a woman, but also your partner. If your partner is hesitant, or outright refuses, do not engage in anything with them. Respect them enough to leave them be. And, likewise, your body should be respected. Your partner should understand this and should not coerce you into doing something you do not want to do. Consent does not count when your partner is inebriated. Anything that violates sober judgment is nonconsensual. Practise consent daily and make it habitual to set boundaries. This applies to BDSM or kink practices, too. Secure safe words in order to know when limits have been reached.

Using Your Toys

When using dildos or sex toys, you need to make it a ritual to keep them clean and sanitary. Not only does cleaning remove lube and body fluids, it also keeps them in conditions for longer. If you check out this site they offer a range of sex toys and details on picking what’s right for you, whether you are a length or girth girl, prefer vibrating toys or non battery-powered ones. Go carefully over the instructions to know fully how to use them and ensure that they are used as such. Store them correctly, too, away from direct sunlight and with limited exposure to dust.