Business administration course

The objective of this course is to ensure that students acquire in a close and practical way knowledge of basic concepts present in the field of business administration, providing the necessary tools related to their application. Its purpose is to introduce students to the relevant topics of this discipline considering the changing and dynamic environment in which it develops. 

Important information

Dual modality program: due to the health situation, it is likely that this program will start in a virtual format with the live teacher, and once it is possible to hold face-to-face classes, you can choose to continue in a virtual format or to resume face-to-face classes according to the comfort and situation of each student, as long as all the necessary conditions are met for it. 


Give students the basic knowledge of business administration, in such a way that they can identify the most relevant aspects of the discipline and can recognize and manage the administrative process of an organization.

Study plan

  • Introduction to business administration
  • The company system and its environment
  • Finance and accounting function in the company
  • Marketing function in the company
  • Human resources function
  • Concepts and characteristics of the administration
  • The administrative process

Strategic management

The program is aimed at professionals and managers of smes who wish to acquire analytical and diagnostic skills. It is also designed to strengthen and improve professional skills that, through proper business planning, improve the company’s results and competitive position.

What will you learn in this business management course?

The program will allow the student to grow professionally thanks to the development of transversal and specific competences. It offers a solid professional orientation linked to the daily exercise of business management and administration, which is why it is aimed at people who manage smes, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Through a global vision of the management of the main departments of the organization, they will be able to develop their functions both in the general scope of the company and in specific areas of the same.

Advantages of studying this eae distance business administration course

The business management and administration program can be carried out online or blended, modalities that stand out for their flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the student, since they allow them to mark their schedules and study rhythm according to their availability of weather.

The online and blended modalities offer the student the following advantages:

  • Reconciliation of personal and work life.
  • The student sets his / her study pace.
  • Schedule flexibility.
  • No need to travel.
  • The student who use to be the protagonist of their knowledge.

Online mode

The virtual best university for business studies Malaysia campus is the learning platform from which the work of the participants is articulated. In it the students have all the material, resources and learning tools necessary to successfully complete the program and achieve the objectives set. For more articles like this one, click here.