Breastfeeding Struggles: It’s More Common Than You Think 

Oh, the heartbreaks of breastfeeding! 

So you read all the parenting books that said breastfeeding is the best for babies? But here you are experiencing the gut-wrenching feeling in your tummy because you cannot get your baby to be breastfed. Maybe all the baby books were wrong. Maybe you are doing this all wrong? Why does this have to be so hard for you? 

Let me stop you right here! 

Breastfeeding was never meant to be easy. Parent books missed out on telling you how extremely difficult this was going to be. Breastfeeding struggles are common to all moms. Whether we are new to this or whether we have our third baby, there is always going to be a new struggle waiting for us.

But what’s important to remember is, you are never alone in these struggles. There are millions of mothers around the world who are feeling the same things you are feeling right now. They have seen the wonders and the heartbreaks of breastfeeding. If anything, it taught moms that breastfeeding is one of the world’s most beautiful and natural things to exist.

But it is not an easy thing to come by. It has its pains and struggles and together we are going to navigate some of these struggles! 

Cannot Get Your Baby To Latch? 

You are not the first mom to scream in frustration because your baby will simply just not latch. This is one of the more common heartbreaking struggles we face while breastfeeding. (Remember, it is common and there is nothing wrong with you!)

Latching is a lot more technical and much less forgiving compared to giving bottles to babies. Latching requires time and various experimentations before we can get a hang of the process. The position we keep the baby in matters. The support of midwives and other intervention methods is important from the very first step. Taking on this task alone can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if you are a new mom. Having our share of nursing pads, lactation consultants, vitamins and literally all the little support can majorly change our breastfeeding journey. 

The Baby Is Running The Process

Babies may not have enough cognitive capabilities to make any intellectual decision, but they are sure smart enough to have instincts that let them run the show. Babies take as much milk as they want and they have their own quirks and routines.

Trying to control every step of their journey may not lead to a smoother breastfeeding journey. Babies learn how to guide themselves the moment they are arched and guided to the breasts and latched on. A mother’s job from here on is to be someone who nurtures the relationship.

While nurturing yourself is important many breastfeeding moms are tired, fatigued, and weak. And this is on top of the postpartum depression many experiences. There is a reason for this. You are nurturing and feeding another human. The baby is taking all the nutritions from you and more specifically they are taking up calcium from you. And if you are not eating enough calcium, your bones may be suffering as the baby takes up yours. Make sure to re-energize yourself and work on your diet as you work on your relationship with the baby.