Benefits Of Rainwater Like Irrigation Water At A Glance

Water from the patio roof through the downspout or rain chain can be collected for use in the garden and garden house. For example, to water plants. Or to flush the toilet in the garden shed. It saves you expensive tap water and the water bill is not that high because rainwater falls for free from the sky. 

If you gather the rainwater that runs off the roof of your patio and uses it into the garden by way of irrigation water, you will have profited from these benefits:

Fresh cistern water, already rich in oxygen, is supplemented with oxygen and engrosses organic substances (leaves, pollen), making it an ecological fertilizer with high nutrient content.

  • Rainwater used to be much less calcareous than tap water.
  • Rainwater used to be free, you save tap water and water costs.

Let the rainwater runoff

Anyone who does not want to collect the rainwater produced during the drainage of the roof of the terrace in rainwater cisterns & co. must drain it in another way to prevent it from sinking to the edge of the foundation and below. There are also several possibilities for this: For example, the drainage of the roof of the terrace can be done on the surface or underground.

Terrace roofing, surface drainage (above ground)

For this method of drainage, the downspout ends just above the top edge of the patio floor. The water flowing or dripping from it, depending on the strength of the precipitation, flows into the garden, which is connected to the terrace, where it seeps into the ground. However, this is only possible if the vegetation:

  • Is deeper than the roof of the terrace (a few centimeters of height difference is perfectly sufficient here), and
  • Has an appropriate gradient.

Since the patio is also placed on an incline, the water always flows to the patio. The advantage of this infiltration method of roof drainage system is that it relieves the sewer system.

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