Being Single Is Not A Negative Aspect In Life: Here’s Why

It is in human nature that love will eventually stem at some point in our lives. But to find your significant other and maintain relationships takes more effort than what you see in your friends’ social media posts. Behind the scene of the sweet couple photos you scrolled down daily while you sigh in loneliness are countless of arguments, misunderstandings, unnecessary silent treatments which can drive either of them crazy and difficult commitments to maintain; all the while risking their relationship status hanging by the edge in a brink of falling into a painful process called break up.

A break up is not a fun thing to experience, even if you’re working hard on any social media companies Malaysia – you would need all the time or distractions to heal yourself, or finding yourself another person to fill in the emptiness – or worse, harassing your ex to come back to you. 

Here are the reasons you should not be worry of your single life:

1)   It’s Not You, It’s The Society

We have adapted to the norms of having a significant other as some sort of validation, though some of us are not aware of it. To live in a culture that conditions you to believe you’re a failure of not finding a person to love may be difficult. But words come and go, and in the end, people forget the stones they throw at you. Therefore, it is never worth your time to meet people’s expectations about your relationship status. Who knows how long your relationship will last, or whether you can handle the possible break-up?

2)   Less Pressure, Less Thinking

In a relationship, it is a natural thing to overthink what your significant other is doing when you’re not there with him or her. You can’t help but to excessively speculate if he or she is meeting another person or their best friends are of the opposite sex – which can affect you and your lover’s trust. Being single means you have less fog to stuff your mind. You would not have to doubt or question all the time and give yourself the peace and quiet you deserve from all the baseless fuss. No fights, no arguments, just the sound of Mother Nature to give you the tranquility.

3)  Give Credit To Self-Love

There are relationships in which one of them loves the other more than the other to them, an uneven distribution with an impending end. It is possible to lose oneself when you cherish someone too much, to the point that you lost the grasp to love yourself. Being single can make you worry about yourself more than others – you have your own priorities to worry about, more gaps in your schedule for your own me-time, more opportunities for you to focus on your career, school, family and friends as well as your personal goals you set to achieve. To bear a success badge is such a rewarding thing to have, and no, it’s not a selfish thing to do when you care for yourself more than anyone can ever be.

4)  Be The Independent Person You Have Always Been

Why bother to depend on someone else when you’re already independent yourself? It’s best not to waste away your self-reliance because your self-esteem is not dependent on the amount of love you receive from someone else but yourself. From your own way and thoughts, you can measure your own self-worth through your personal talents, strengths, accomplishments and embrace your weaknesses for the better you. The value of individuality and independence is too precious to throw away as you can be wiser and stronger for being the person you are with no help from others. Self-empowerment is key; it is crucial to take care of yourself more than you do with others.

Be comfortable for being single as it is less loud and fuss-free from unimportant matters. You have the power over your life to move wherever you want or make decisions however you want with no restrictions. Cherish the serenity found in your solitary; it is one of the best freedoms you’d ever had.