Bedroom Makeover Tips

Putra Heights

Putra Heights

Have you finally got your own personal space at Putra Heights? Are you confused about what kind of makeover does your bedroom at Putra Heights need? A bedroom makeover is always a hassle when you do not know what are the perfect changes for it. That is why people tend to opt for interior designers to help them decorate it. However, not everyone could afford to hire an interior designer, so we look for ideas from various resources to help us. If you are still confused and stressed about what you should do, do not worry about it. We have got you covered with these bedroom makeover tips that you could use to create your own cosy sanctuary at home. 


Lighting is an important feature of a bedroom. A bedroom should have proper lighting so as not to overwhelm you when you are in there. During the day, you could open your curtains to allow natural lights into your room which can enhance the texture of your bedroom. At night, you could turn on your dim lights so as not to brighten your room until it disrupts your sleep. In addition to that, you could fix different lighting in your room with easy access to it. For example, you could have a ceiling light that brightens up your entire room upon turning it on or you could just have a bedside lamp that only illuminates your side of the bed so that it will not disturb the person next to you. 


You should have furniture that has almost similar tones to each other and easily put together sizes in your bedroom. This is to ensure that your bedroom does not look jumbled, which will make you feel uncomfortable in it. Even if you are going for furniture that is from different tones of colours, you need to make sure that they do not look messy once your room is set. That is why even if the colours are different, you need to check if they can blend well in your room. You can set up a couch or a reading area in the room where you can spend some time reading once you are back home from the hospital after giving birth to your baby. This can be a form of relaxation after going through those stressful days. 


In painting your walls and ceiling, choose subtle colours because they are not strong and easily blended with the furniture. This will ensure that your room does not cause an eyesore for you. Besides that, you can go for colours like light blue or beige so that your room will look brighter and bigger than it is. This gives you a calm environment to hang out in. 

Bedroom makeover can always be a struggle for everyone. Your bedroom is your own personal space so you would like it to be a visual reflection of yourself. That is why you also need to allow your personal sense of style to play a role too in creating the best place for you. On top of these tips that were given, you could also apply your own ideas by incorporating them into these tips. That way you will also feel satisfied with the final results of the bedroom makeover.