Aerated concrete partitions

Autoclaved aerated concrete has a low weight and a large volume – this is the most important positive property of such a material. Its specific weight does not exceed 700 kg / m³. In addition, due to the manufacturing process in the autoclave, the compressive strength increases significantly – up to 50 kg / cm².

If you change the porosity of the concrete, it can lead to a change in thermal conductivity and strength. By increasing its strength decreases, but increases the insulating properties. A decrease in this indicator has the opposite effect.

The transformation in porosity hints to the fact that concrete is separated into three main classes:

Thermal insulation 

The density of this material class is 400 kg / m³. Its purpose – areas with cold climatic conditions, but its buildings can be built low.

Of construction. This aerated concrete use to have the highest density – 700 kg / m³. It can be used for the construction of high-rise buildings or for the construction of load-bearing structures. When used in residential buildings, it should be covered with an additional layer of thermal insulation.

Production differences

Two ways are there to make aerated concrete: in the autoclave and without. It is autoclaved and not autoclaved. How to understand the difference?

Both species have the same production structure – releasing gas as a result of a chemical reaction.

But these are fundamentally different regimes. The way the blocks harden gives differences in the properties of aerated concrete.

Non-autoclaved aerated concrete contains a high percentage of Portland cement. The mixture is allowed to dry naturally, without using a special oven – an autoclave. This type of aerated concrete has minimal production costs. But in its properties, it is very inferior to autoclaved aerated concrete Malaysia, obtained with the help of a furnace.


Its size constancy makes it possible to stack blocks on the solution with a minimum thickness (approximately 3 mm). This advantage provides a high degree of protection against the outside temperature. Since the masonry solution has a lower degree of thermal protection, its insignificance will only be an advantage. The edges and angles being uniform, the appearance of the masonry will be noble.

Another advantage can be its compliance with any construction tool. Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks can be planed, cut, drilled and deformed. It’s easy to screw in a screw or hammer in a nail. For more articles like this one, click here.