A Must Have School Laboratory Equipment

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If you are setting up a new laboratory or for educational, medicational or even research purposes, you need to know some of these lab science equipment. This to ensure that the process or any experimental activities there are safe. 

How about a school laboratory? Schools need to be fully equipped with good science lab equipment for a high-quality learning process. Unlike any other subjects, sciences require their students to experience the result with their own hands. Practically, this will give a better understanding of concepts towards the students as seeing is believing. 

Even though this list of equipment varies from some specific lab requirement, this equipment should be in your cart as it is the standard equipment that every school’s lab should have. 

  1. Funnels and Bottles

This is one of the main apparatus that every lab should have. In order to measure liquid form, you might need this type of equipment. It comes with different size and length and also narrow-mouth for the liquid to pour easily. These funnels and bottles are made of glass but they are also available in plastic. 

  1. Test Tubes

Test tubes are the most famous lab science equipment and a must have for every lab. It was used to conduct an experiment that involved a chemical reaction. The shape of this test tube is cylindrical with the U-shape at the bottom and it is transparents. Available in glass and plastic. These test tubes also were used to store science samples for research purpose.

  1. Burettes and Pipettes 

Burettes and Pipettes are very small thin-size apparatus used to transfer a small amount of liquid and were used to dispense a certain amount of liquid with accuracy. Even though both of them have the same function, they can be used in a different way. The pipette is smaller than the burettes in terms of their mechanism. 

  1. Microscopes

Microscopes have been a very familiar science lab apparatus for a long time. These equipment are very important especially in microbiology labs. There are variable types of microscope from different ranges of prices and usability specifically up to your requirements.

  1. Lab Burners

Lab burners are used when the experiment involves burning, heating, boiling and melting. 

  1. Fume Cupboard

Fume cupboard are one of the most common and effective controls used in laboratories to minimise exposure to respirable hazardous substances. Generally, this fume cupboard equipment captures and removes air-borne hazardous substances such as dust, aerosols, particulates and gases during the laboratory experiments. If you are wondering how it looks, visit https://mylab-plus.com/ to know more about fume cupboards in Malaysia

Fume Cupboard Malaysia
  1. Safety Equipment 

Safety equipment is the most important thing that every lab needs to be equipped with. Basically, these are the items;

  1. Safety Gloves 
  2. Safety Glasses
  3. Fire Extinguishers 
  4. Fire Blankets
  5. First Aid kit 
  6. Chemical Fume Hood
  7. Eyewash-Station 
  8. Safety Shower/Bathroom