5 Tips to Sexting Safely

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Dating has been easier with online connection and applications. During this pandemic time, sexting is one of the ways to have fun. However, it is not easy to stay safe when talking about sex topic. So, lets get ahead and read the safety tips that you need to know down below:

Get Consent To Make Sure It Is Consensual 

Firstly, remember to do this step. Do not initiate sexting without asking for consent. Just a simple sentence would do. Oh yes! You have to be sexting with someone you trust or comfortable with. It is for your own good. 

Make an Effort With The Visuals.

When taking photos and while sexting, angles are crucial. Play with your best angles. Sexy texting’s images are the bread and butter, and they can make or break the experience. Take pictures from angles that exclusively show the body’s erogenous zones (like the mouth, neck, bust, thighs, abdomen, booty, feet, pelvic area). 

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It’s up to you how provocative you make the photos, I would say. A nice example is taking shots with the camera angle from above and staring intently on your bust. To make it appear as if your buttocks is in his face, take photographs of it from the bottom up. If you have some fat rolls that make you feel self-conscious, you could try stretching positions where your fat rolls wouldn’t be seen. 

The “Emoji Sex Code” Is Something You Should Be Aware Of.

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Thirdly, you should be aware of emojis usage that are recognized to serve as sexual innuendos can assist indicate intentions without saying a word. The penis is frequently represented with eggplant and banana. The booty is represented by a peach. Vagina is represented by a pussy cat. The tongue-sticking emoji denotes desire, while the droplets denote wetness or ejaculate. If you’re sexting in public (which , knowing the emoji sex code can help you maintain a code of conduct.

Enjoy A Good Time With The Dirty or Filthy Talk.

Fourth on this list is to enjoy dirty talk. The guiding light of sexting is talking nasty. The words you choose in your messaging give a visual representation of the fantasy that is unfolding. Moreover, you have the ability to describe what you’re wearing. You can request indecent photos so you can make remarks on his body and the strange things you’ll do to him. 

Then, you can describe how your body reacts to the texts he sends you. Basically, your comments can also teach your lover on what they should do to themselves while fantasizing about you. You’re pointing them in the direction of their climax. Remember to make the most of the session that both of you enjoy. 

Make Sure Your Partner is Arouse Too

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Also, think about what piques your partner’s interest. Even if you haven’t met in person claims that a few rounds of sexting will reveal your lover’s seduction learning style

You can truly tailor to your partner’s exact wishes in these situations by designing messages that make them feel beautiful, desired, intrigued, aroused, calm, challenged, loved, nervous, catered to, enticed, and more. Photos, videos, voice notes, text, GIFs, and live chats are just a few of the choices available for you to choose. 

In Conclusion 

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow-up regarding what happened last night or yesterday’s situation. Literally, chat or call them to ask. If it is your partner, meet up with them.