3 Shark Movies That Will Activate Your Fear Of The Ocean

3 Shark Movies That Will Activate Your Fear Of The Ocean

For some reason, shark movies do really well in the film industry. No matter what type of movie it is or how many shark movies are out there, people will always be down to watch them. It also does not matter if it’s badly plotted, carried out or edited. People just enjoy shark movies. Maybe it’s the thrill of seeing sharks killing people. Or was that too dark? Well, it’s most probably because a lot of people like the thrill of watching shark movies. It’s something that we don’t see in the news or every day and it’s something that adds drama to the reality of creatures of the ocean.
Sharks aren’t as bad as how the media portray them, really. They just have bad vision and bite when they’re curious. So if you’re going for any scuba diving holidays, then try to be cautious but there’s no need to panic. However, these movies will make you think twice:

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)

“47 Meters Down: Uncaged” is actually a sequel to “47 Meters Down” which came out in 2017, two years before the sequel. This movie that came out in 2019 has very mixed reviews. Some people say that it was very generic and it made mistakes the first movie avoided. Others enjoyed it, saying it was thrilling with a splash of drama and romance. The movie is about a group of teenagers who went diving in an area where a research project was going on. This area of research happens to have unleashed a group of sharks that have been living deep in those hidden areas. Causing the sharks to attack the teenagers one by one, leaving nothing but a few severed body parts behind. The sharks portrayed in this movie were aggressive and blood-thirsty. This movie will most likely make you think twice about swimming in unauthorized areas, which you already should not be doing in the first place.

The Meg (2018)

The Meg, starring the hunky Jason Statham, is about a group of researchers investigating the bottom of the sea. They explained how when the Mariana Trench was claimed to be the deepest point of the ocean, they claimed otherwise. Saying how dive tenggol -called floor is just a layer of hydrogen gas that can be passed through. However, when they passed through, they got attacked by an unknown large creature. After getting out of that area, the creature followed them through and roamed the ocean, eating everything in its path. This creature turned out to be a Megalodon, a prehistoric 70-foot shark. The graphics were very realistic and the movie succeeds to catch people’s attention. I mean, it’s the same as when people enjoyed Jurassic Park. Giant prehistoric animals attacking people.

The Shallows (2016)

The movie stars Blake Lively and absolutely no one else. I’m kidding, there were a few other people but the majority of the screen time was of her, the shark, and an unlikely seagull buddy. This movie tells the story of a woman, Blake Lively who plays Nancy, a surfer who took a short vacation to a beach her mother used to go to. When she gets there and starts surfing, she finds out that there is a shark that isn’t supposed to be there. By that, I mean that the movie shows how the shark was hooked into the area by a shark poacher and accidentally let loose in that specific area. She goes through hours, stuck miles from shore on a reef while the shark awaits her.