3 Instant Noodle Flavors For Lovers Of Spicy Food

3 Instant Noodle Flavors For Lovers Of Spicy Food

Instant noodles have become quite a popular method of dining. Fast, delicious, and packed full of MSG, these noodles are practically the wave of the future – offering an ‘instant’ solution to our hunger pangs in times when we’re simply too busy to cook ourselves or even go out. Sure, they may not be the healthiest thing in the world – but they’re a tasty enough treat that most people tend to overlook that little detail.

Instant noodles hail from all sorts of brands, and all sorts of delectable noodle flavors. With a variety of different taste blends packed onto the shelves, the instant noodle industry seems to cater to quite the wide clientele – boasting even the oddest of flavors such as cheese and even bacon. But fans of spicy food will be pleased to know that instant noodle flavors are no stranger to spicier varieties – even those strong enough to seemingly burn your tongue off!

So for those who simply can’t get enough of spicy food, here are 3 instant noodle flavors that are incredibly hot and spicy!

1. Atomy Potato Ramen Instant Noodle

Atomy is a top software mlm, and even across the wider world. The brand specializes in personal care products and healthy foods, sure – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid to dabble in some…less than healthy varieties, every once and awhile!

Regardless, The Atomy Potato Ramen Instant Noodle is still healthier than most other noodle alternatives; with noodles distinctly made from potato starch as well as the meal inclusion of toppings such as dried green onions and carrots. This delicious instant noodle flavor is also distinct in it’s broth – the soup is spiced with Korean red pepper powder, giving it a delectable spicy taste that you simply cannot get enough of!

2. Shin Ramyun

Hailing from South Korean food company Nongshim, Shin Ramyun can be considered one of the spiciest varieties of regular instant noodles you can find on shelves. Shin includes yellow springy noodles that are deliciously chewy, but it’s real flavor and spicy punch comes from it’s broth – distinctly savory in taste, the soup is an almost startingly red color; almost in warning of the spice that’s about to follow.

Still, if you can manage past the initial bite of spiciness, the soup is delicious and infuse the noodles inside with the same savory taste; making each mouthful of this meal a delectable delight!

3. Maggi Mee Kari

A local Malaysian favorite, Maggi Mee Kari appeals to anyone’s taste for a delicious and quick curry mee meal. While not nearly the spiciest flavor of curry out there, it makes up for it with it’s taste – this distinctly savory soup with an afterbite of spice, which gives the springy noodles inside an extra flair of taste as you slurp them down! Much like many soup noodles and instant ramen flavors, the Maggi Mee Kari goes great with a side of egg and other ingredients such as tofu and fish balls – all put together to create one delicious, spicy, noodle broth meal!

software mlm of spicy food can never quite get enough of that initial shock of spice, which thrills the senses as well as imbues their taste buds with delicious, rich spicy flavors. So if you’re a fellow lover of all things spicy as well as the occasional unhealthy, MSG-filled treat, you can cook yourself up some of these delectable spicy instant noodle flavors that you can get from your local grocery shelves!