13 Unique Facts about Tupperware, Mom’s Favorite Legendary Food Container

What comes to your mind when you hear this one word? Most would immediately imagine a plastic lunch box with a variety of bright colors.

Tupperware itself is a line of household appliances known for its airtight plastic qualities. So it is not surprising that Tupperware is a favorite brand of mothers around the world.

Besides being famous for its legendary lunch box, Tupperware also has a wide variety of products that are no less interesting but included in Kitchen storage ideas. Such as snack jars, drinking bottles, plates, glasses, spoons, baskets, containers, knives, cheese graters, and much more. All come in attractive shapes, sizes, and colors.

Being in the premium class and a favorite choice of housewives around the world, Tupperware is certainly sold at a price that is not cheap. Tupperware prices vary, depending on the type and size of the product you want.

For a set of lunch boxes, Tupperware itself sets a price of around Rp. 200 thousand. While the bottle is priced from Rp 80 thousand to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Surely you can understand the reason why mothers can be very fierce and possessive about keeping their Tupperware from being lost, right? 

Here, coil (kumparan.com) has summarized a number of unique facts about this world’s favorite household brand. Come on, watch for a moment!

1. Tupperware itself was created by Earl Tupper in 1938 ago. 

2. Now it’s a tremendous success, initially Tupperware didn’t sell well in the market due to a lack of promotion. People do not understand about the technology introduced by Tupper.

3. Brownie Wise is a woman who successfully led Tupperware to success. This woman, who has absolutely no business background, has slowly succeeded in selling Tupperware from house to house. Brownie hosted the first Tupperware Party in 1949.

4. Due to this success, Wise was eventually appointed by Tupper as deputy director of the sales division. This eventually made Wise so much more famous that it made Tupper jealous. Tupper finally fired Wise for no reason and sold Tupperware to Rexall Drug.

5. Wonderbowl is the first product from Tuppeware. This is a food storage container made of plastic. Because of its simple and practical design, Wonderbowl also went worldwide and made the name Tupperware famous.

6. Tupperware’s plastic lid is actually inspired by the shape of a paint can lid.

7. In 1956, Tupperware was finally put on display and exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

8. Have you ever found your Tupperware lid bitten by a rat? Don’t be surprised, because Tupperware is actually made from a mixture of vegetables and fruits, aka bioplastic. Unique but real!

9. What makes Tupperware even more popular with mothers is its lifetime warranty. If the Tupperware you have is damaged due to normal use, you can exchange your Tupperware with a new one.

10. Now, Tupperware has become a show-off event among mothers. The more, unique, and diverse Tupperware you have, the happier it will be. You know, it’s expensive!

11. There is a network of more than two million Tupperware sellers worldwide. Starting from social gathering mothers, office employees, to regional distributors. All because of the MLM system that Tupperware implements.

12. Tupperware is included in the list of the best inventions of the 20th century made by the Guinness Book of World Records.

13. Currently, Tupperware or Tupperware Party social gathering is held every 1.4 seconds in the world. Wow!