I was at Colombo Fort Railway Station that day. I have just collected my train ticket and was looking for a tuktuk when my eyes caught this moment. An old *and probably homeless* man was digging a trash bin full of styrofoam boxes. He took one of them and opened it. Inside was rice with somekind of curry gravy. He dug again. Deeper. This time he found a package of vegetable. He took a used paper, spread the rice and veggie on it and mixed it together.  And to my surprise, he called his furry friend which was sleeping next to him and shared the ‘meal’ together.

It was like a hard slap on my face…

Sometimes those who have less give more…beautiful soul 🙂

P.S: NO, I am still not sharing my food. But YES, I did learn something 😀

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Eeeeer. Ish mata berkaca-kaca gw langsung balik ke dalem lagi airmatanya! Indeed, kadang mereka yang kita kira gak punya berbagi lebih banyak ya..

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