Nahan2 ketawa di kantin dengerin para driving instructors saling curhat.

I1: My boy ah, donno panic or what ah, saw 2 cars with same model & color, never check the plate, just anyhow go inside (mobil buat test emang gak dikunci & mesinnya udah nyala). The officer just look at him lah. Then after that he got panic. Becoz that car is manual…and he learned matic 😆 Then go out change the right car 😆

I2: My girl also the same, panic…panic…panic. Went out from car after test ah, only wear one sandal. Then she called me ‘uncleeee! My sandal still inside!!’ 😆

(kalo abis tes, mobilnya emang ditaro aja dalam keadaan nyala di depan kantor, trus kita musti ngikutin officer ke kantor & mobilnya diparkir sama instrukturnya) 

I3: My girl lagi bodoooh. Told her many many times, test at 10.30, must come latest at 10. She came at 10.35 then blame me and wanna sue me because she cannot do the test. Bodoh sangat lah! 😆

Aduh, asli lucu2 banget inih, huahahhahahaha

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