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Kebiasaan Sih!

Di dalem driving circuit…

I(nstructor): OK, slow down a bit. Signal right…
G(ue): *ganti gigi, kasih sen kanan*
I: Right…
I: Right! Where you goiiiiiing?
G: *bingung* Eh? Right?
I: That’s LEFT laaaaaaah!
G: @_@ Oh yeah! Right…Errr…which one is right? Errr…OK, RIGHT!
I: *menatap dengan nista* Alamak, you drive so well but cannot tell left or right…
G: Err…Yeah, I forgot to tell you. I have an issue with that… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Masih di tempat yang sama…

I: OK. You go reverse to spot 12 (ini spot buat parkir mundur)
G: OK! *maju dikit, patah kiri, mundur, puter kanan, mundur lurus*
I: *ngecek keluar* You park too close to the left side. How your passenger can come out from car?
G: Eh? I usually ask them to go out first before I park my car…
I: CANNOT LAAAAAH! You go tell traffic police examiner like that sure fail one! Move forward a bit and adjust the car.
G: $#%^&*!

Driving school car

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