One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Happiness is Here

It’s a world of wonder and delight
A carousel, a merry-go-round so bright
Come and take a ride ’cause it goes
On and On and On and On
Let it rise to the sky, this dream come true
Let it shine…the HAPPINESS in you
Let your heart fly, and we’ll go
On and On and On and On

Joy out of the blue (out of the blue)
Smiles inside of you (inside of you)
Like a child again, with Mickey and friends
Jump and shout and let it all out
A sparkle’s in your eyes
You suddenly feel alive
Cause HAPPINESS, the magic of,


Nggak bosen-bosennya dengerin lagu ini. Bener-bener ngedeskripsiin perasaan gue selagi disana. Like a 13 years-old-girl trapped in 34 years-old-women πŸ˜€

Kalo kata sn, gue kayak gini pas disana


Oh, tentunya yang ungu ya…yang kuning itu SN, hoahahahahha

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