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Paw It Forward – Giveaway

Baru aja gue mutusin mau nunda Dex’ Giveaway, ternyata tadi menjelang lunch time ada karyawan SPCA dateng nganterin pesenan gue. Emang dasar hokinya si Dex, hahahahaha.

Nah, ini dia pesen dari Dex buat giveawaynya…


Woooooffffoooooo…Hello human friends!!! Dexter’s here. Mom is kind enough to lend me her laptop *with lots of ‘AWAS’ of course*.

I can’t remember the day I was born. All I can remember was the day MomDad brought me home from my fosterer’s home. And gosh, I was so small and cute!!! Look at me…


And today, Mom told me that I turned 2. Well, 14 in your year. I have a birthday wish and I need your help. Don’t worry, it won’t give you much trouble. I believe you all already know that I’m an adopted furkid. A lot of my friends are still waiting for a lovely family to live with. Do you know that you can save lives by adopting? Adopting one dog will not change the world. But for the dog, it’s life changed forever.

I will give 4 sets of merchandise for 4 lucky human (1 set each). What you need to do is as simple as this…

Take a photo of you/your family/your furry friend(s) holding a banner with a message. What kind of message? Anything that create awareness of adopting shelter pets and POST the photo on your blog. You can google ‘pet adoption poster’ and see the sample of the wordings there.

This is a sample. Sorry, I don’t have human pics with me πŸ˜†


Image belongs to T.E.AM. Dog Rescue

And this is a little token from me for helping me…


  • Memo pad (1)
  • ‘Stop Animal Abuse’ Badge (1)
  • Fridge Magnet (1)
  • ‘Be Kind to Animal’ Car Decal (1) – not in the pics
  • Oversized Postcard feat. Jingle ‘the shelter dog’ & Maria ‘one of the volunteer in the shelter’ (3)
  • Regular Postcard feat….Errrr….Me! πŸ˜† (3)

Please use the postcards to create awareness of pet adoption. Mom will explain the rules for this ‘Paw It Forward’ Giveaway.

***** [Dexter signed out] *****

Okeeeeh, udah baca kan ya pesen dari Dex. Iya si Dex gaya pake bahasa Inggris nulisnya. Maap-maap aja kalo ada salah grammar ya, hihihihihihi. Intinya mah, buat ikutan giveaway ‘Paw It Forward’, kalian cukup posting 1 foto (boleh foto sendiri/keluarga/anak/peliharaan) sambil bawa banner/tulisan yang bertema ‘pet adoption’ di blog masing-masing.


  • Harus punya blog aktif dengan postingan terakhir di bulan Juni *ikutan Novi, hihihihi*
  • Tinggalin komen dengan alamat blog aktif & link ke postingan ‘Paw It Forward’ Giveaway
  • Punya alamat di Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia
  • Postingan harus punya link ke blog ini

Giveaway bakal ditutup tanggal 6 Juli 2013 dan pemenang bakal diumumin tanggal 8 Juli 2013 dan hadiah bakal dikirim pertengahan Juli. Pemenang bakal dipilih langsung sama Dexter. Caranya? Ntar gue pikirin dulu ye, huahahahahhahaha.

Ditunggu ya foto-fotonya πŸ˜€

Remember this:

If you can ADOPT, please ADOPT.
If you can’t ADOPT, FOSTER
If you can’t FOSTER, DONATE

Every action counts πŸ˜€

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