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Size Does [Not] Matter

This is Dex.
Height: 2’6″ (75 cm) – shoulder to floor or around 4’0″ (120 cm) when he’s standing on his hind legs
Weight: 55 lbs (25 kgs)

And this is is a full-grown Chihuahua…

Image from here

Height: 0’6″ – 0’9″ (15-22.5 cm) – shoulder to floor
Weight: 6 lbs (3 kgs)

Dan tebak siapa yang lari terbirit-birit dan ter-eek-eek *literally* ketika 2 anjing ini berhadapan & salah satunya siap nomplok anjing satunya



*be right back*
*cari buku panduan menjadi orang tua yang sukses dalam mendidik anak*

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