10.12.2005 – 10.12.2012

10.12.2005 – 10.12.2012

It is by chance that we met each other 16 years ago…
By choice, we decided to give our heart to each other 12 years ago…
By God’s grace, we stood before the altar for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony 7 years ago…

Happy Anniversary, Cang!
Here’s to all the years we’ve shared together
All the fun we’ve had
You’re such a blessing
Such a joy in my life
May the good Lord bless us
And may all our dreams come true

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  1. Happy anniversary nduts (soale ada 2 ndutnya). Both of you are always in our pray. Lots of love from us (mbak nuk, mas eddy, icha, entung, mami, ibu, papi dan yaya)

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