Things To Do When Daddy’s Not Around

Things To Do When Daddy’s Not Around


  • Use his blanket as my bedsheet
  • Sleep on his pillow
  • Take off his bolster string
  • Stop eating from my bowl – and Mommy has to fill up my KONG 6 times a day to feed me 😆
  • Bring all my toys to bed
  • Bury all my biscuits & treat underneath the sofa cushion
  • Steal Mommy’s bra & Daddy’s underwear and chew them
  • Keep Mommy busy with my fur
  • Make Mommy throw all my balls hundred timea a day
  • Refuse to get up from bed
  • Poopoo 2 times in a row
  • Chase every single cat I meet & dragging Mommy all the way during my morning & evening walk


Papa? Is that you??? Come home quick! I miss you…

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  1. iihhh…itu mukaaaa
    jangan percayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….
    topengnya penuh dosa ituuuuu
    *pengalaman dng anjing sendiri*

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