…Dan sore-sore ngehek begini, gue pun tergoda maenannya jeng Poppies tentang lagu Beatles. Secara kika mah gak nyampe otaknya buat ngegombalin orang, kita bikin drama ala Raam Punjabi ajah yak…teteeeeup pake judul lagu-lagunya Beatles.

Inget…cuma boleh pake JUDUL LAGU-nya doang yah.

[A]: Martha My Dear | Do You Want To Know A Secret | I’m So Tired

[B]: Tell Me Why?

[A]: Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby | Clarabella | Julia | Maggie Mae | Michelle

[B]: Oh! Darling | I Just Don’t Understand

[A]: Lovely Rita | She Came Through My Bathroom Window | She Said She Said | “You Know What To Do” | Young Blood | Act Naturally |

[B]: What You’re Doing?

[A]: Two of Us | Twist & Shout | And I Love Her | Halleluyah, I Love Her So |

[B]: Bad Boy | I Should Have Known Better

[A]: Martha My Dear | Don’t Bother Me | I Got A Woman | I Don’t Want To See You Again

[B]: Bad Boy | Bad To Me | Run For Your Life *ke dapur, ambil piso daging*

[A]: Martha My Dear | Slow Down | You Can’t Do That | Wait | Honey Don’t | Help!

….Bad Boy | Flying | From a Window | Free as a Bird |

The End

Dah bubaaar-bubaaaar….balik kerja!!! 😆

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