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SIMI… a Singapore version of SIRI on iPhone 4S

Siang bolong ngantuk-ngantuk dikirimin link sama temen gue. Alhasil NGAKAK gak ketulungan…

SIMI… a Singapore version of SIRI on iPhone 4S

Video courtesy of yangzai2

Official link from here

Ini sub-title buat yang kupingnya ga biasa denger Singlish…hihihihih

User = U ; SIMI = S

U: SIMI, read me my messages
S: Ha?
U: read-me-my-messages
S: Ha?
U: Got sms or not?
S: Say so, lah. Message 1, Lapcheong *sosis babi :P* said he cannot meet you for dinner.
U: SIMI, reply Lapcheong, I am very dissappointed you cannot make it.
S: Replying Lapcheong with sms message. Wah lao’e, why you fly my aeroplane? *idiom untuk nggak nepatin janji*


U: SIMI, what is the traffic like on the CTE *nama salah satu jalan tol*?
S: Wait ah, checking. CTE jialat *celaka* lah. CTE jam from Ang Mo Kio to Orchard road. You still want to drive ah? Take MRT lah!
U: SIMI, I still want to drive. What are the ERP charges now?
S: Wahseh…$2 to drive from Ang Mo Kio to Braddel, $2 from Braddel to City then CBD still got $2 charge. Gahmen *government* sucks your money leh. Don’t vote for them the next time lah!


U: SIMI, what is the weather now in Singapore?
S: Hot lah. If not hot then raining lah. Your house no window, cannot see outside ah? Singapore weather only got sun or rain. You need to ask me this kind of question meh?


Ok…yang berikut ini rasis yah.

U: SIMI, what is the population of Singapore?
S: Wait ah, checking. You want with or without foreigner?
U: SIMI, total population please.
S: Wait ah, I check. Now Singapore is 5.18 Million people. So crowded man. I am glad I am a phone. How can you all tahan live in this kind of crowded place? Some more got so many Bangla & PRC come and take your job and make MRT so crowded. Migrate better lah!


U: SIMI, what is the resale price of 5 rooms flat in Bishan now?
S: No need to check lah. You cannot afford one. COV more than $50,000. You sell flat also cannot afford one.


U: SIMI, play Katy Perry’s Fireworks song
S: Wait, checking. You never transfer the song into your iPhone lah. Nemain *nevermind – maksudnyaaah, hahahahahah*, I will sing it for you.
U: SIMI, no…wait…
S: *singing*
U: SIMI, stop…stop singing
S: Ha? You don’t like it ah? Ok, nemain, I’ll sing another song for you *singing*


U: SIMI, book a table for 2 at KUDETA restaurant please.
S: Wait ah, reserving now…*nada gosip* Eh, hot date ah? The Ah Beng you met at Zouk *club terkenal disini* is it?
U: SIMI, we’re just friend. It’s just a casual date!
S: Don’t bluff lah. Just friend will go to Newton hawker centre one. Where got this kind of ‘atas’ place?
U: SIMI, just book the restaurant. I am perfectly capable of managing my own love life
S: Please lah, you haven’t had a date in 6 months. What love life? I manage your calendar one, meh. Actually that Allan in your office is quite nice guy what. Wait, I CSI his facebook for you to see

Jokes-nya lumayan lokal sih… jadi ya maap, kalo nggak ngerti yah, hahahahahahha.

PS: Lah, meh, ah, ler, hor…semuanya cuma sekedar penekanan kalimat dalam Singlish. Sama aja kayak kita ngomong ‘kan, ya, lah, dong’…dsb

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