Live in IKEA

Live in IKEA

Okay…God knows how much I love IKEA. I love their ideas, designs, concepts…I love everything about them. I even love the smell of their showroom and I’ve just made my 879th visit to IKEA last night *ok…it’s just a number I picked from one of my bills, :D*. It’s my best therapy!

I really wish I lived inside their showroom….and THESE GUYS DID IT!!! Holy s*it…I envy you guys for having the guts, LOL. I always wanted to make this kind of pics. But people who are crazy enough to do all these stuffs live thousand miles from me, LOL *yes, I’m talking about you guys, Ope, Maya and Ipiet*

Nuff said… *back to their website*

Here, I give you a spoiler…

image taken from here

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  1. haha iya tuh keren banget foto2nya.. niat banget ya… terutama yang bagian mandi pake buka baju segala. itu kudu pas ikea nya sepi kali ya? 😛

    1. iye…niatnya beneran ga kira-kira. gue rasa ikea baru buka dia datengin tuh…hahahahha

    1. gue juga demen sama tone-nya. lu liat portfolionya dia deh…keren-keren

  2. Sebenernya boleh gak sih foto2 gini di Ikea? ato musti ngumpet2? Gw baru sekali ke ikea, dan sukaaaaaaaaaa banget nget nget. Bermimpi mau foto2 di ikea, tapi takut dikejar satpam haha

    1. kayaknya boleh. bukannya malah jadi promosi gratis buat mereka ya, gyahhahahahha

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