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Live in IKEA

Okay…God knows how much I love IKEA. I love their ideas, designs, concepts…I love everything about them. I even love the smell of their showroom and I’ve just made my 879th visit to IKEA last night *ok…it’s just a number I picked from one of my bills, :D*. It’s my best therapy!

I really wish I lived inside their showroom….and THESE GUYS DID IT!!! Holy s*it…I envy you guys for having the guts, LOL. I always wanted to make this kind of pics. But people who are crazy enough to do all these stuffs live thousand miles from me, LOL *yes, I’m talking about you guys, Ope, Maya and Ipiet*

Nuff said… *back to their website*

Here, I give you a spoiler…

image taken from here

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