Welcome to situkangnyampah.com.

This website was created on February 2012 after 4.5 years hopping between Blogspot and WordPress *macem Ababil gitu deh*. You can find my personal blog and our photo gallery here. There’s nothing heavy in my writings. They are mostly about our daily stories, my cooking & baking addiction, our travel journeys or our furkids.

Writing in blog was my therapy when we moved to Singapore in 2007. I used to call it ‘tong sampah’ (trash bin) and from there I decided to use ‘si.tukang.nyampah’ (trasher) as my nickname. After sometimes, I felt that nickname was weird and I started using my real name :D.

Most of the writings, if not all, are in Bahasa Indonesia. Don’t bother to translate it using google translate as I use a lot of slang here.

If you think all my writings worth your precious time, you are most welcome to stay and browse the whole site.

– e.r.l.i.a –

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